Vampire Pattern

The mandatory speech class I had to take as part of my university’s general education required us to do an informational speech in order to pass. It could be on anything we wanted, and most people in my class chose safe and predictable subjects, boring us all to death regardless of the A they might have received. When it was my turn I decided to turn it up a notch and chose a subject that has fascinated me ever since I first heard of it – vampires.

After hours of poring over every text that mentioned these intriguing creatures in the slightest, I wrote up my speech, then ordered the custom-made fangs to fit my teeth, had my techie friends built me a coffin to my measurements, and on the day of the presentation had myself nailed shut in it, carried into the classroom by two of my actor friends, who then proceeded to use a crowbar to open it up and have me emerge and deliver the speech by candlelight.

The point being – I take my vampires seriously. So when I saw that BAM was showing Poland’s TR Warszawa theatre’s staging of Bram Stoker’s Dracula entitled Nosferatu, I immediately put it on my must-see list and this week finally had the chance to do so.

Just recently I started wearing my heels again, but since my ankle is still not fully healed from the sprain back in May, I have to wear a brace even if it clashes with my overall look. Instead of fighting it or trying to cover it up, I decided to embrace it and looked for the outfit that could work with it.

I settled on this dark navy & white striped dress by Monteau, pairing it with my burgundy-white Chelsea Crew oxfords and lavender fishnet tights for some unexpected color.IMG_3560

I tied in the shoes with the red dangly earrings

photo copy 2

braided my hair in my new favorite upside-braid do and completed the look with the vintage Mam’selle coat and the green-brown Gabs bag.


I really love the way the navy-white pattern of the coat matches the stripes on the dress peeking underneath it. You might think that two such bold patterns would clash, but the trick is to stick with the color scheme. A good example is black&white stripes and black&white dots – a combination you’ll sometimes see on a man brave enough to be fashionable even though he’s straight. But I digress.

Excited, I settled into my seat in the beautiful Harvey Theatre, only to almost fall asleep two hours later. How someone can make a story of Dracula dull and boring is beyond me, but there it was. There was no sexiness, no creepiness, no mystery, just a boring, one-note delivery that reminded me of all those other speeches I heard in that class.

The only saving grace were the visuals which were stunning at times and not only because the actress playing Lucy was wearing a dress straight from my Bela collection. At least the costume designer and I were on the same page. Now if only someone came on the stage in a coffin, we could have had a hit.