Stylish Hike

Last Saturday was one of the Spring sneak preview days and I opted to spend it in nature, with a handful of other New Yorkers hungry for a break from the city winter grays.

hikedressWhile everyone else pretty much wore jeans and sweaters, I opted for a dress my kuma Dana bought for me on one of her visits to NYC a few years back. I personally find dresses to be much more comfortable than skinny tight jeans which I have to keep pulling up every time I stand or sit, and this particular dress with its stretchy fabric was a perfect fit for the occasion.

Being skin tight meant that it would not catch on random twigs as we found our way through the forest, and the stretchy fabric allowed for me to climb on boulders and over fallen trees without any issues.

I complimented the navy blue and brown stripes in the dress with my tall brown leather boots and burgundy tights.


I finished the look off with this cool brown leather cross-body purse I stumbled across about a year ago.

Killing time until a meeting one day, I walked into a nearby vintage store and saw the owner just put it out on the rack. The price was right and the timing even better, so I took it as a sign, and have loved it ever since.

The bag was just big enough for my main necessities (phone, wallet, lipstick), leaving the backpacks with food and water to the boys. As my mom always said – sure you can lift/carry it, but if someone offers to do it for you and you refuse, you’re not being a feminist, you’re just being foolish. (Direct quote)

IMG_2142When we finally reached the top, we found a really stunning view – the perfect backdrop for a late afternoon picnic.

Making sure the winter chill did not spoil it all, I bundled up in my white wool sweater and down-filled Fifi Collection vest, let the fresh air fill my lungs and felt all the troubles of NYC simply swoosh away. Ahhh…the power of Nature.

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