Sometimes the Gray Wins

You would think that after so many years of living in a city known for its unpredictable weather patterns, I would no longer be caught off guard by sudden temperature shifts, but I still struggle to adapt to drastic thermometer changes, and stubbornly refuse to accept them when they occur.

Alas, Mother Nature never got the memo that it is I who is the boss of her ;), so this week I had to pull out my coats and boots and finally admit it – the winter is here.

To cheer myself up I turned to my old friend color.

IMG_3622I started with a long-sleeve burgundy dress from American Apparel, which I combined with the vintage cashmere sweater with mink collar, and these awesome Italian leather boots by Manas Lea Foscati.


Finding the right tights to go with this outfit was a challenge and I went through all the standards (black, brown, gray, burgundy) before settling on these gold ones from H&M. I liked how they matched the collar of the sweater and the gold buckles on the boots while adding a touch of whimsy to the overall look.

With the winter come holiday sales and this day I was helping a friend find a new hat. After a number of smaller stores with no luck, we finally braved Macy’s and were immediately overwhelmed by the sounds and lights of pre-Christmas madness.¬†Battling the urge to spend the rest of our day having the sales ladies convince us a new moisturizer would make our face look as young as we feel in our hearts, I fought our way through the masses straight to the accessories department.

Within minutes we had a handful of hats for her to try on and after a few tries we came to two favorites. Same designer, same model, one gray and one red. Now came the true challenge because I preferred the red (go figure) and it looked really great on her, brightening her all-black attire and making her burgundy lipstick really pop. But I could see she was not comfortable in it and I recalled the number one rule of shopping for others РAlways remember that you are not shopping for yourself and just because you like it, it does not mean they would. Keep the other person in mind and get them what they would like, even if you yourself would prefer something else.

In this case I observed my friend’s face light up when she put on the gray hat, and I knew. Red might be my winter savior, but for her the gray was definitely the winner.