Snowy Adventure

Ever since Sandy decided to crash our Halloween parties last year, the weatherman has been on the “better safe than sorry” kick, and listening to the predictions for the last weekend’s Nor’easter, you’d think we were going under for good. Waking up on Saturday, however, all we were greeted with was a Winter Wonderland straight out of the fairy tale books, turning even the most jaded New Yorker into a grinning, gleeful six-year-old. I couldn’t wait to get out there!

snowfenceDressing quickly, I contemplated what would be the most appropriate outfit to both keep me warm and express my childlike mood.

I settled on the duvet shorts I bought at a Moncler sample sale many years ago. They are filled with down, keeping my bum nice and cozy, and the bright red color makes me smile all on its own.

On top I wore my new wool sweater I scored on the last month’s trip to Florida (thanks mom!). Mameas brand, it was hand-knit in Greece (clan Antoniadis – represent!) and in impeccable condition. I loved the ruffle on the shoulder and wore my hair up to show it off.

On the bottom I wore double-tights, with the black fleece-lined ones on top, for the added layer of warmth.

I struggled between a black and red turtleneck under the sweater, but in the end I picked the red one, matching the shorts. That way the outfit was nicely balanced between the red & white top and black bottom. And my signature red lipstick matched it perfectly.

My tall brown Italian leather boots were an obvious choice for trouncing in the snow, and kept my feet dry and warm thanks to the lamb wool liners I was introduced to by my shoe repair guy when I had to stand in a freezing cold for hours on a film set a few years back. It is easily one of the best investments into surviving NYC winters I’ve ever made. (thanks shoe repair guy!)

For the most part of our Central Park day the outfit was covered by my go-to red Snowimage coat, but when my good friend Andrew ended up free for tea later on, I was ready. Andrew was shooting the Fashion Week nearby, and meeting him in a cafe surrounded by the biggest fashionistas, I held my head high, knowing my outfit totally measured up. The only thing that seemed amiss was my huge grin that refused to disappear off my lips. I guess a day with the Central Park snowman will do that to you.