For me fashion is not about who you’re wearing, how much it cost or the latest trend. It’s about finding style within your budget and comfort level that will put you above the crowd of trend-uniforms.

I love color and enjoy playing around with it, coming up with combinations that others may miss. A simple splash of color can brighten up the most conservative of outfits. Just recently I saw an older man wearing a standard issue light gray suit with a white shirt and a simple tie, but when he sat down, his socks were bright red. Suddenly he was someone cool, worth looking at for his style. It’s little things like that that I love about fashion. It allows you to show your inner self even with a simple accessory.

Fashion is also my creative outlet between film shoots. I spend about an hour getting dressed, with most of it being about coming up with a new way to wear what I already have in my closet. Change your shoes or your earrings, or the way you wear your hair, and suddenly it’s something new! I am a filmmaker after all. By definition my income is sparse and random, and shopping, as much as I love it, has to be confined to my closet for the most part.

I try to wear everything I own as much as possible and sometimes it means wearing a fancy dress to a lunch date. Believe it or not those occasions usually result in some bystander snapping my photo, so I’ve also been featured on a number of fashion blogs and even made it to the pages of New York Times Style section!

This blog is my attempt to capture some of those outfits, so you may be inspired to follow in my sparkly footsteps. I’ve also been known to shop for and style many of my friends and their friends over the years, so if you’re inspired but are still thinking “I don’t know how to do this!”, drop me a line. We’ll have you turning heads in no time!