It’s a Wonderful Dress

I never understood the thinking behind the winter gear being primarily gray, brown or black. From coats to boots to dresses, every year I struggle to find cold-weather clothes that are any color other than those three. And no, off-white doesn’t count. I mean, isn’t winter depressing enough as it is?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve found that ever since I bought my bright red puffy coat, winter blues no longer affect me, and have made it my mission to add more color into my winter wardrobe. I find it particularly difficult in the dress department, and usually just end up winterizing spring dresses, so I was thrilled when I recently came across this pink wool dress by C. Wonder.

IMG_3867The first chance I got to wear it was to see my friend Sarah star in “It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play” at Shakespeare & Company this past week.

Sarah play






Knowing I was facing snowed-in countryside, I paired it with the tall leather boots (brown, of course).

And finished the look with the forest green tights.


Sarah and I were college roommates and continued our friendship well into our adult life, forming one of those rare and wonderful connections that can outlast anything. She’s also very talented and I’m always very happy to see her perform, but on this particular occasion I was ecstatic. The curtain call had me, and the entire house, up on our feet the moment the lights went down.

I clapped and clapped, grinning through the lump in my throat that the final moments of the play left me with. Sweet, funny and meaningful, it made the whole audience feel great and grateful, two perfect feelings to wrap up 2013 and say happy happy holidays to all!