Genghis Style

This week’s outfit was one of those happy accidents. I was looking for a hanger for the vest and randomly picked the one with this vintage dress that I found at a sample sale many years ago. Once paired I thought “Hey this looks pretty cool together!” and decided to give it a try.

genghisI don’t know if it’s just the Buffalo Jeans vest, or the combination of it with the dress, but it reminded me of the looks in that film Mongol. In it most women and some of the men all had braided hair and I decided to follow suit, twisting mine in an around-the-head french braid.

I picked the gold butterflies and blue pearls earrings to tie in the dress.

And finally, on the bottom I wore my tall brown leather boots, playing off of the colors in the vest and still channeling the movie-look (in which everyone was on horseback pretty much throughout).

I actually quite liked that movie but that’s probably because I always had a bit of a thing for the myth of Genghis Kahn. A lot of it has to do with the fact that my eyes are strangely somewhat Asian, a trait I share with my late grandpa Kemal, who to me totally looked like Dalai Lama:

Dalai Dido

I’ve been meaning to do that National Geographic’s DNA ancestry test for years, just to see if it tracks my genes through the siberian steppes, but I think it’s pretty safe to assume that the mighty Khan probably had some fun with one of my ancestors. 😉

The only conquering I did this day, however, was of the wind that whipped all around me as I ran around the city. My final stop was at the NYC College of Traditional Chinese Medicine where I was introduced to the wonders of acupuncture by three friendly but coldly professional Chinese doctors. Part of me wanted to say “hey, we’re probably related” but since they had only needles and no smiles for me, I opted to keep that one to myself.