Black Velvet Hermit

Every once in a while there comes a week when I have absolutely no social plans whatsoever. While I do enjoy my own company quite a bit, sometimes I worry about this ease of solitude and tend to force myself to venture out after a few days, if for no other reason but to quiet the voices in my head calling me a hermit.

This time around, however, the saving hand came from my friend Amanda who invited me as her +1 to the annual MIMI Awards on Monday. This prestigious award for new playwrights comes with a $50,000 check for the two lucky winners every year, and a fancy cocktail party full of delicious food, drinks and live music for the rest of us.

IMG_3670To celebrate this elaborate exit from my apartment I decided to wear a vintage BB/Collections dress that has been sitting in my closet, waiting for just such an occasion ever since I found it in Florida this past June.

Now, as you know, I’m not a big fan of black, but I will make an exception at times, especially when I come across something this stunning. Black velvet, synched in the waist with a plunging neckline and a form-fitting skirt, it made me feel both elegant and sexy – my favorite combination.

Recalling the old Hollywood glamour, I complimented it with the sparkling vintage earrings and the black beaded purse from Givenchy.


Shoes were the difficult part since I still can’t wear high heels, but once I tried these black & pink velvet pumps by Italian brand Bibao I knew I had the winner.











Velveted and sparkled, I made my way to the party and was showered with compliments the moment I stepped inside. I grinned happily, thinking “Not bad for a hermit!” and soon discovered that even after days of me-myself-and-I routine I can still carry a full conversation with others, and even come up with a clever remark or two when necessary. So much for all that worry, head. Next time try and focus on something more fun. Like how to best enjoy this calm and quiet. God knows it comes so rarely!