Black and White Theatre

As independent as I am, my family is still very important to me and I don’t always enjoy being so far away from them. To help alleviate this, I’ve been carefully collecting close friends over the years, and cherish this chosen family of mine more than I can ever truly express in words. So when one such family member happens to have an event worth celebrating, I will do everything in my power to be there, even if it means taking a train to the middle of nowhere on a cold and windy Saturday night.

The trip was to attend the opening night of a new play called The Rest of Your Life, starring my dear friend (and personal muse) Flora Diaz. Flora is one of the most talented people I know. A force to be reckoned with both on-stage and on-screen, she has starred in almost every project of mine, and I plan on casting her until we’re both old and gray.

Although Americans don’t have a strict dress code for theatergoing, I still abide by the rules instilled in me from my years in Croatia, and I wouldn’t dream of not dressing up for the opening night, no matter what.

For this occasion I decided to go with the newest addition to my closet – a long black lace vintage dress found at the Camden Street Market in London a couple of weeks ago.

gc2It didn’t come with a slip, so I paired it with a vintage white one from my collection. A black one might have been a more common choice, but I really loved the sexiness of a see thru lace and wanted to highlight it as much as possible, and a little whiteness underneath did just that.

To make it a bit tougher and to add a modern edge to it, I added a black belt with silver details, which I then matched with my silver rings.







The duck one is from a Brooklyn designer Regina Kim – a present from my friend Aida this last birthday. I absolutely love it and wear it in combination with this simple band made from a vintage teaspoon handle.

Together they make me think of a Loch Ness monster, with a head and tail visible and the body hidden underneath the water of my middle finger. Cool, no?

I finished the outfit off with my black Sacco boots, keeping the color scheme nice and simple.

It wasn’t until we got off the train on the other end and the sign said Pleasantville, NY that I remembered that film by the same name in which the whole world is black & white and everyone panics when it suddenly starts to get more colorful. My color reflected in the red leather trench coat and my signature red lipstick, but the panic was strictly reserved for trying to figure out how to get from the train station to the theatre in time. Thank god for Google Maps!