Anniversary Breeches

Believe it or not, this week marks the one year anniversary of launching Fashionable Filmmaker. I can hardly believe it myself, knowing that I covered over 52 outfits so far and yet I still have so many clothes in my closet waiting for their spotlight. I mean, I live in a Manhattan studio apartment. Where do they all fit??!

Well, like every urban dweller, I have two sets of clothes – winter and summer – and I do the bi-annual switcheroo pretty much right around the time the daylight savings happens. I quite like this game because I inevitably discover some item I totally forgot I owned – instant shopping!

This time it was these dark green velvet pants by Rebecca Rey. I remember loving the fact that they look like those old-fashioned breeches from the 1930s films, but since I wore exclusively dresses for the past two years, they were delegated to the “not sure if I still want to wear it but can’t get myself to give it up just yet” pile. To test where they might lie on that spectrum now, I decided to see if I can build a brand new outfit around them.

photo 2I started with the dark purple lacy turtleneck, which I layered over a nude camisole and matched with the purple wool socks on the bottom.

Over it I put this cool sweater-jacket from Urban Outfitters whose inner layer matched the color of the pants while the outside part I tied in with my Chelsea Crew oxfords.

I put my hair in a french braid, leaving the bottom part unbraided and a bit messy, playing into the whole “riding look”.

Happy with the result, I joined my Hive girlfriends for an evening of cheerful discourse over sweet potato fries, thinking that I just might be into this urban rider look after all.

But the best part of this FF birthday week was receiving this awesome large painting by Casper Smith, which I am replicating as my new FF business card:

photo 2

How cool is that?!?

Happy birthday, Fashionable Filmmaker! And here’s to another year of fashion and fun!